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New upload/download manager for Zenfolio

Todays professional, semi-professional and enthusiastic hobby photographers are finding themselfs dealing with masses of digital images . More and more photographers are uploading more and more of their images to online galleries. With the new Media Gallery Manager it is fast and easy to upload those masses of photos to the online gallery service of Zenfolio™. So what is Media Gallery Manager?

Media Gallery Manager is a new software that features uploading and organizing masses of images which todays professional, semi-professional, advanced hobbyists and photographers are dealing with.

Fast uploads and downloads, because it makes use of the full bandwidth of the internet connection you pay your access provider for. This is achieved by uploading/downloading several image files simulteneously.

Ease to use, because the batch upload/download of several hundreds of images is started by simple clicking a button. Media Gallery Manager automatically detects new files which have not been uploaded/downloaded yet and starts upload/download tasks for those image files automatically. In Media Gallery Manager those operations are called synchronize remote (upload) and synchronize local (download).

The most advanced feature of Media Gallery Manager is that the synchronize operations maintain the folder structure the images are already organized in. Lets assume we have a folder on a local harddrive that contains subfolders and these contain more subfolders and so on and each of those subfolders contain lots of image files. During synchronization the complete structure of folders and image files is transfered to the online galleries. It maps the folder structure to groups and galleries on the Zenfolio account.

Beside the batch transfer of images also single images can be selected and uploaded/downlaoded. And additionally Media Gallery Manager supports some advanced features like changing the default sort order of groups and galleries to the user’s preferred sort order. Visit the homepage of Media Gallery Manager for more detailed explanation of the software and a detailed list of features. The link to the homepage can be found at the end of this post.

The main idea behind Media Gallery Manager is the same like for Zensync, but Media Gallery Manager comes with 2 main improvements: It has a graphical user interface (GUI) and does not require any software development background to install and run it.

Media Gallery Manager is a Java Webstart application that can be started by simple clicking on a link on the webpage. Users can use all features of the application via the GUI without spending much time in learning how to install and use it.

The application is implemented in Java 6 and as such it can run on every platform that provides Java 6 and the Sun Webstart technology, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux.

Read more about Media Gallery Manager on its homepage at http://project.harim.at/Media+Gallery+Manager

New ZenSync2 released!

This is the release of the brand new ZenSync2, a utility that transfers images from your local image library to your Zenfolio galleries.

In May 2009 I searched for a new way to transfer my images to my online galleries on Zenfolio. Finaly I found ZenSync and was really impressed how fluently it fits into my workflow.

During heavily uploading images I had some ideas to improve the tool even further and started coding. After some nights of coding and a lots of coffee the basis for ZenSync2 was finished.

ZenSync2 is based on the idea of Dan Richardson, who developed the first version of ZenSync. I’m in heavy contact with Dan to be sure to understand the basic ideas of the tool and we have exchanged further ideas about improvements.

Now ZenSync2 is ready to be offered to the public. The most important new features are:

  • Support of international languages in titles of photos, galleries and groups.
  • Support of all image types that can be uploaded to Zenfolio (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF)
  • Support for other image types such as PCD that are converted to JPEG before uploading to Zenfolio.
  • Generating and uploading of thumbnails for AVI- and MPEG-videos.
  • Copying of a configurable metadatafield to the title field of photos.
  • Configurable default sort order for galleries.
  • Synchronization session report containing information such as number of uploaded images and average upload speed.

You find further information on the ZenSync2 page here and also can download the current version of ZenSync2 from this page.

You can also visit the blog of Dan Richardson for more information on ZenSync here.

Thanks a lot to Dan for having the idea for this great tool and doing the hard job of the first version! Enhancing it was easy.


I’m happy that finally my blog is online and I find the time to write some posts. What can you expect to find here now and in future?

My very first idea for this blog was to use it for announcing news about my online photo gallery and write about the workflow, equipment and tools I use for photography. Maybe someday I will also write about photography itself. Photography in general is a wide spread topic and got even more complex with digital photography.

I am really gald that I started taking pictures in the age of analog photography. Many aspects of photography are common to analog and digital photography and light is “analog”. Anyway I am totally in digital photography now and for me this is the future. We always have to consider that the technology of digital photography has just started to evolve. Sharing knowledge and exchanging experience via the web is the best and most efficient way to learn and stay uptodate.

I will write about my current projects and works. Especially I want to announce events in the areas of theater and acting, concerts, shows, exhibitions, tutorials, marketing and sports as well as celebrations, festivals and parties. I will write short reports and post pictures about events I attended.

Reading this blog is free ;-) All I want to earn is your feedback. Whenever you read a post leave your comments at the end of the post.

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