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New ZenSync2 released!

This is the release of the brand new ZenSync2, a utility that transfers images from your local image library to your Zenfolio galleries.

In May 2009 I searched for a new way to transfer my images to my online galleries on Zenfolio. Finaly I found ZenSync and was really impressed how fluently it fits into my workflow.

During heavily uploading images I had some ideas to improve the tool even further and started coding. After some nights of coding and a lots of coffee the basis for ZenSync2 was finished.

ZenSync2 is based on the idea of Dan Richardson, who developed the first version of ZenSync. I’m in heavy contact with Dan to be sure to understand the basic ideas of the tool and we have exchanged further ideas about improvements.

Now ZenSync2 is ready to be offered to the public. The most important new features are:

  • Support of international languages in titles of photos, galleries and groups.
  • Support of all image types that can be uploaded to Zenfolio (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF)
  • Support for other image types such as PCD that are converted to JPEG before uploading to Zenfolio.
  • Generating and uploading of thumbnails for AVI- and MPEG-videos.
  • Copying of a configurable metadatafield to the title field of photos.
  • Configurable default sort order for galleries.
  • Synchronization session report containing information such as number of uploaded images and average upload speed.

You find further information on the ZenSync2 page here and also can download the current version of ZenSync2 from this page.

You can also visit the blog of Dan Richardson for more information on ZenSync here.

Thanks a lot to Dan for having the idea for this great tool and doing the hard job of the first version! Enhancing it was easy.


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  2. Stian says:

    Great tool! But skipping certain directories does not work for me. I discovered after syncing that I have many should be galleries with photos have become groups or collections with the “Photos” folder in them. In these folders I had a folder named original and I had added this to the skip-array.

    I will let you know if i figure this out with my limited PHP knowlege.


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