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I’m happy that finally my blog is online and I find the time to write some posts. What can you expect to find here now and in future?

My very first idea for this blog was to use it for announcing news about my online photo gallery and write about the workflow, equipment and tools I use for photography. Maybe someday I will also write about photography itself. Photography in general is a wide spread topic and got even more complex with digital photography.

I am really gald that I started taking pictures in the age of analog photography. Many aspects of photography are common to analog and digital photography and light is “analog”. Anyway I am totally in digital photography now and for me this is the future. We always have to consider that the technology of digital photography has just started to evolve. Sharing knowledge and exchanging experience via the web is the best and most efficient way to learn and stay uptodate.

I will write about my current projects and works. Especially I want to announce events in the areas of theater and acting, concerts, shows, exhibitions, tutorials, marketing and sports as well as celebrations, festivals and parties. I will write short reports and post pictures about events I attended.

Reading this blog is free ;-) All I want to earn is your feedback. Whenever you read a post leave your comments at the end of the post.

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